What’s New With CubeSats?

“What’s New With CubeSats?” is the title of the presentation I gave at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Orange County (OC) Chapter’s 2017 Aerospace Systems and Technology (ASAT) Conference. I decided to do this presentation as a followup to a presentation I gave at the 2015 ASAT Conference titled, “Microsatellites”, which I had originally given in graduate school. I haven’t posted the 2015 presentation to my blog here yet – that will have to be a future blog.

This presentation has lots of references at the end, so I wanted to get it up so that people at the conference could access if they wanted to. I enjoyed researching the presentation, and I hope some find it interesting if they stop by my blog. Check out what’s new with CubeSats!

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